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Are you looking for a computer repair in Brisbane? Norm's Computer Services offers you computer repair and troubleshooting services, and lots more, for all sorts of computers and other electronic devices.

Whatever problems you're having with your computer, Norm's Computer Services is on hand to help you out. You won't even need to leave the comfort of your own home, office or workplace as I come to you, covering a wide range of Brisbane suburbs.

Brisbane Computer Repairs & More

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Startup Problems

Yesterday your computer was working fine, today it won't even switch on. Startup problems are actually amongst the most common computer repair issues I come across. Sometimes it's fixed within 30 seconds. Other times it takes a bit longer and you might need some new hardware. I've written lots more about startup issues on my blog.

Performance Issues

You could say your computer has a performance issue if it just isn't behaving the way you expect it to. In my experience the most common performance issue is that your computer's running too slowly. There are various reasons why this might happen and I've written about it on my blog. Other performance issues include freezes and shutdowns.

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Malware & Virus Issues

Issues with malware and viruses are all too common. The malware may have entered your computer via an email, or from a website you've visited, or you may even have been hacked as a result of a scam phone call. Fortunately it's usually not that difficult to clean up and secure an infected computer. I can also advise you on how to stay safe in the future.

These are by no means the only computer problems and computer repair issues you may face. There are all sorts of other random issues which can occur. You could be having problems with your emails or you may need to recover files you've lost. Maybe your printer's not working correctly, or you have no sound from your computer, or you're having trouble with your laptop keyboard. The list goes on and on. Whatever problem you're having, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Some issues I see all the time and, even after doing hundreds and hundreds of jobs, there are others I see for the first time.

Norm's Computer Services doesn't only provide a computer repair service in Brisbane. I also offer a full range of computer services. These include computer setup, installation of hardware and software, computer upgrades, computer health checks, networking, training and more. Contact me for all sorts of Brisbane computer services.

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What People Say

"I used Norm's Computer Service yesterday. He was very helpful. He installed a new hard drive and restored my computer so that all services were working. His pricing is very competitive. I would recommend his services" - Don, New Farm

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Norm's Computer Services offers all sorts of computer repairs, services and upgrades in a wide range of Brisbane suburbs, starting at $75.

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