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Whether you're having problems with your Mac, or you just need some help with Mac-related things, Norm's Computer Services is just a call away. I offer home and business Mac repairs for all sorts of Apple Mac computers - iMac's, MacBook Air's, MacBook Pro's etc. I cover a wide range of suburbs throughout Brisbane, including Redland Bay, and I'll save you lots of time and effort in fixing your Mac problems by coming to your home, office or workplace. I'll work quickly to troubleshoot and resolve your issue and aim to leave you 100% satisfied with your Mac running just the way it should.

Mac repairs aren't the only thing I can help you with in Redland Bay. Norm's Computer Services also offers the following, and more.

Mac setup: I can help you with configuring your Apple Mac so that you have access to the internet, your emails are coming in, you've got all the right software, you’re printing successfully, and whatever else you might need.

Mac upgrades: With an appropriate upgrade, your Mac could actually run better than it's ever done before and for a much lower cost than buying a new one. Software upgrades typically give you improved functionality whilst hardware upgrades major on speed.

Health checks: As you surf the internet, receive emails, install applications and add other bits and pieces to your Mac’s hard drive it can easily become cluttered and messy. I can help you with cleaning it up, checking for malware, uninstalling unnecessary software and other preventative actions and optimisations.

Mac servicing: Is there something about your Mac that's not quite the way you'd like it to be? You may have unnecessary applications running in the background, or possibly even a virus. I can ascertain the cause of the issue and determine whether it can be resolved with a few tweaks, or whether a hardware upgrade, such as extra memory or a new hard drive, would be a better solution.

Networking: Nowadays we have more and more devices which connect to the internet - computers, phones, tablets, iPads, smart tv's etc.  I can assist you with installing and setting up your home network and any additional bits and pieces you may need so that all your devices connect to the internet reliably.

Backups: I can assist you with setting up manual or automated backups, whether to external media, to 'the cloud', or even to Network-Attached Storage. No need to worry about that device failure again.

As far as Mac repairs go, if you're in Redland Bay and you have any of the issues or problems listed below, please don't hesitate to get in touch. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if your problem is something I haven't listed, just give me a call or email me. I'm here to help.

Startup Problems

Startup issues are amongst the most common things I come across

Mac won't start up at all
Mac seems to start up but the screen stays white
Mac beeps at startup
Mac begins the startup process but won't boot into macOS
Mac keeps restarting before booting into macOS

Performance Issues

Your Mac's just not behaving as you'd like

Mac's running too slowly

Mac freezes for no apparent reason
Mac keeps shutting down or restarting
Can't get connected to the internet
Internet connection is too slow

Malware & Virus Issues

Your Mac may be infected with something harmful

Mac's running very slowly

You're getting lots of unexpected windows popping up
Your internet browser home page has changed
Mac has started talking to you and giving you warnings
Mac's behaving strangely in other ways

Other Issues

You have an issue that isn't covered by any of the above

You're unable to send/receive emails

You need to recover files you've accidentally deleted
Printer won't print
Computer's making strange noises

You have no sound


"The price was exactly what Norm quoted and very reasonable with no hidden costs. The problem was fixed quickly and I liked that Norm computer repairs is mobile, the website simple with no hard to understand jargon. Norm responded quickly to my emails and questions. I'm extremely relieved and happy to know I have Norms expertise only a phone call away when I have problems with my computer. I will be recommending Norms Computer Repairs to my friend and family." - Wendy

"I'd absolutely recommend Norm's computer repairs to anyone with a computer problem! Very professional, very fair and affordable pricing an absolute pleasure to deal with!!! I highly recommend Norm and will definitely be contacting him with any future computer repairs!! A+++" - Tanya

"Great service, Norm came up against a very unusual problem when fixing my computer & was very determined to resolve it,, he did just that which took longer than he expected but only charged me the original quoted price, very nice technician & I highly recommend him for all your computer repairs, very reliable" - Sharon

"WOW!!! A PC Tech that really knows his trade, friendly, honest. reliable & a nice guy. Price was very reasonable. I can't speak highly enough of Norm & would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone with PC issues.What a treasure of a find will definitely keep his phone number handy.Thanks Norm keep up the good work." - Rob

"Norm was extremely helpful in repairing my laptop. He is friendly, his prices are very competitive and he delivered his service in a fast and effective manner. He also conveniently came to my location and was able to fix a number of technical and start up issues my laptop was facing. I would definitely recommend Norm to anyone in need of IT technician support." - Joti


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