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Apple Mac Repairs Springwood

Whether you're having problems with your Mac, or you just need some help with Mac-related things, Norm's Computer Services is just a call away. I'm an Apple certified support professional and I offer home and business Mac repairs in Springwood for all sorts of Apple Mac computers - iMac's, MacBook Air's, MacBook Pro's etc.

Whatever's going on with your Mac, Norm's Computer Services is here to help you out. You won't even need to leave the comfort of your own home, office or workplace as I come to you.

Springwood Mac Repairs & More

mac repairs

Apple Mac Repairs

Whatever's gone wrong with your Mac, the good news is that there's always a solution. Even if it won't start up, it's rarely as dead as you might think it is. Startup problems, performance issues, viruses and malware, whatever it might be, I'm here to help.

Mac Computer Setup

Have you got a new Mac for your home or business? I can help you with configuring your new computer so that you have access to the internet, your emails are coming in, you've got all the right software, you’re printing successfully, and whatever else you might need.

mac upgrades

Mac Computer Upgrades

Computer upgrades can work wonders. Your computer could actually end up running better than it's ever done before and for a much lower cost than buying a new one. Software upgrades typically give you improved functionality whilst hardware upgrades major on speed.

mac virus removal

Mac Virus Removal

Unfortunately computer viruses and malware are a fact of life. You may be affected by a virus if your Mac’s running too slowly or behaving in other unusual ways. I can remove viruses and malware for you, and also secure your computer again following an intrusion.

mac health checks

Mac Health Checks

It’s a good idea to schedule a regular ‘check-up’ for your Mac. As you surf the internet, receive emails, install applications and add other bits and pieces to your computer’s hard drive it can easily become cluttered and messy. I can help you with checking its health and cleaning it up.

computer networking

Computer Networking

Nowadays we have more and more devices which connect to the internet - computers, phones, tablets, iPads, smart tv's etc. I can assist you with installing and setting up your router and any additional bits and pieces you may need so that all your devices connect to the internet reliably.

As far as Mac repairs go, if you're in Springwood and you have any of the issues or problems listed on my Computer Repairs page, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I've listed there a number of startup problems, a range of performance issues, some symptoms of malware and viruses, and a few other issues you might encounter. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if your problem is something I haven't listed, just give me a call or email me. I'm here to help.

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What People Say

"Norm is excellent at what he does! I wanted to rescue photos and data from my 2012 Mac laptop that had all but died and was so slowww. Norm gave me a couple of options and all reasonably priced. The bonus? Norm comes to you! I live a bit outside his usual region, and I am so grateful he was able to accommodate an appointment for me. Norm is friendly, polite, professional. The service is great. The outcome is great - my Macbook Pro now has a new hard drive, works as fast as the day I got it (almost a decade ago), and I've been able to save everything I wanted from it. Norm provides great local business service - the best I've seen - he is so good, I think he needs to clone himself so everyone can get top quality PC service!" - Danni T, Fitzgibbon

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Norm's Computer Services offers all sorts of computer repairs, services and upgrades in a wide range of Brisbane suburbs, starting at $75.

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