Whether you're having problems with your computer, or you just need some help with computer-related things, Norm's Computer Services is just a call away. I offer home and business computer repairs by remote log-in throughout Australia for all sorts of computers.

Do you have any of the issues or problems listed below? If so, please don't hesitate to get in touch. These are all things which can potentially be resolved remotely and without the need for anyone to come to your place. It's by no means an exhaustive list, so if you're having a problem I haven't listed, just give me a call or email me. I can also help you with all sorts of other computer-related things, such as setting up your computer, getting your emails going, or making sure your files and photos are being backed up. I'm here to help.

As I work on your computer I'll explain everything I'm doing as I go. My aim is to leave you 100% satisfied and with your computer running just the way it should.

Get started by clicking on this link to download the AnyDesk remote desktop software.

Performance Issues

Your computer's just not behaving as you'd like

Windows has installed updates and something's no longer working properly
Computer's running too slowly

Malware & Virus Issues

Your computer may be infected with something nasty

You're getting lots of unexpected windows popping up
Your internet browser home page has changed
Your computer has started talking to you and giving you warnings
Your computer's behaving strangely in other ways

Other Issues

You have an issue that isn't covered by anything above

You need to recover files you've accidentally deleted
Printer won't print

You can't retrieve your emails


"I'd absolutely recommend Norm's Computer Repairs to anyone with a computer problem! Very professional, very fair and affordable pricing an absolute pleasure to deal with!!! I highly recommend Norm and will definitely be contacting him with any future computer repairs!! A+++"

Tanya, Hassall Grove


Why not schedule your computer repair today? You can contact me in any of the following ways, or fill in the form on the contact page to make an inquiry?

Call me on 0433 997 267
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