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Norm's Computer Services supports all sorts of businesses in Brisbane and Logan City, from manufacturing to healthcare to the service industry, and more. If you don't have a dedicated IT department and you need someone to resolve issues and provide ongoing support then I'm here to help you, whether you work from a home office or business premises.


I aim to provide prompt, friendly and efficient service, and realise that what matters to you is that your business runs as smoothly as possible with minimum downtime of your computer systems. In many cases support can be provided by remote log-in and I have lots of clients who benefit from remote computer support in this way.

Business IT Support

Following are some of the ways in which I can assist your business in Brisbane, Logan or the Redlands with computer and IT support. The headings below encapsulate most of the activities I tend to undertake regularly. However, if there's something going on with your business that doesn't seem to fit into any one of these categories, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm here to help.

Troubleshooting Computer Problems

Often my first contact with a business is when they've encountered an issue they've been unable to resolve themselves. This could be something as simple as an email problem, it could be an issue with malware or a virus, or it could be something that has brought the business to a standstill.


One morning several years ago I was called out to a private medical practice. Their server was failing to boot up and, as it turned out, its hard disk had failed meaning that the data was inaccessible. We then discovered that their backups hadn't been working, which meant that they had potentially lost years' worth of patient records. Several hours later I had them up and running again with a new server and their data restored.

Installation & Setup of Computers & Equipment

You may be relocating to new business premises, taking on additional staff, or you've decided to replace your old computers with new ones. Whatever the case, I can assist you with setting up your new computers. This normally involves creating user accounts on the computers, installing the software you're going to use, configuring access to business email and installing a printer.


It may also involve connecting to cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive and installing and configuring any business-specific applications. I can also assist you with installation of other equipment such as networking equipment and printers.

Upgrade of Systems & Software

You may want to upgrade your old computers to new ones. I can assist you with setting up the new computers and transferring across everything you need from the old ones.


Or you may have decided to upgrade your computers' operating systems from Windows 7 (or something older) to Windows 10, or to use a newer version of certain software. It's not always straightforward to migrate from an old system to a new one and things like transferring old emails or upgrading to a new version of MYOB can present some challenges.

Internet & Networking Support

Most businesses would grind to a halt without access to the internet. We rely on the internet for our emails and so much of our day to day activity.


I can assist you with any network issues which might arise. I can also assist with installing or upgrading your networking equipment


One recent challenge was to tidy up the network of a healthcare business in Beenleigh. When I first took a look at their setup it was a complicated-looking tangle of cables and various items of equipment.  By the time I had finished it was all neatly housed in a cabinet and functioning well.

Setup & Support of Backup Solutions

I've already mentioned the healthcare provider whose server failed only for them to discover that their backups hadn't been working. They had expected to simply be able to restore their patient database from their backup, but unfortunately this wasn't possible.


After we had everything up and running again at the surgery, we actually set up three separate backups so that if, by any chance, one of the backups stopped working they would still have something to fall back on. Backups can be carried out to external USB-connected media, to a network drive of some sort, or to cloud storage.

Malware & Virus Removal & Computer Security Support

I recall an occasion when a regular business client contacted me because something seemed to have changed in their network environment and things weren't functioning in the normal way.


As I began to dig into the issue I found that one of the computers on their internal network had been infected with ransomware. As a result the files on that computer had been encrypted as had the files on their USB-connected backup.


Security of your data and files is crucial, particularly when hackers and other malevolent individuals are so commonplace.

Recovery of Data From Failed Computers & Systems

When one your computers fails and will no longer boot, it's often essential to retrieve the data from the computer. Unless the hard drive itself has failed, it's usually straightforward enough to recover the files.


In the event that a hard drive has failed to the point of being inaccessible, professional data recovery may be necessary.