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Computer Repairs

Whether you're having problems with your computer, or you just need some help with computer-related things, Norm's Computer Services is just a call away.


I offer home and business computer repairs for all sorts of computers - desktop PC's, laptops, Apple Mac's etc. I cover a wide range of suburbs throughout Brisbane, Logan City and the Redlands and I'll save you lots of time and effort in fixing your computer problems by coming to your home, office or workplace.


I'll work quickly to troubleshoot and resolve your issue and aim to leave you 100% satisfied with your computer running just the way it should.

You may have arrived at this page as a result of a typing a search term into Google or another search engine. The top three search terms people tend to use are 'computer repairs', 'computer repairs brisbane' and 'computer repair'. Other popular searches include 'computer repairs near me' and 'computer repair near me'. It seems that, for most people, a computer problem requires a computer repair.

Many of the jobs I carry out involve resolving computer issues, more so than actually performing computer repairs. However, from your point of view, if something goes wrong with your computer then that is something which requires a computer repair. It could be an internal hardware issue with the computer, such as a failed power supply, or it could be a software issue such as corruption of the Windows operating system. These are entirely different issues, requiring a totally different approach and solution. In fact, sometimes it's not immediately clear as to whether a particular issue is hardware or software-related.

Norm’s Computer Services offers computer repairs of all sorts, for both software and hardware-related issues. If your desktop PC, laptop or Apple Mac computer isn’t behaving exactly the way it should, then I’m here to help. Some issues are resolved within minutes. Others require more time. In most cases I'll have any required parts required with me and I’ll be able to replace any faulty hardware right away. In other cases, for example a laptop requiring a new CPU fan or keyboard, I would need to order the required part for you.

Do you have any of the issues or problems listed below? If so, please don't hesitate to get in touch. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if your problem is something I haven't listed, just give me a call or email me. I can also help you with all sorts of other computer-related things, such as setting up your computer, network or printer, getting your emails going, or making sure your files and photos are being backed up. I'm here to help.

Startup Problems

Startup issues are amongst the most common things I come across

Computer won't start up at all
Computer seems to start up but the screen stays black
Computer beeps at startup
Computer gives you a warning about your fan, hard disk or something else at startup
Computer begins the startup process but won't boot into Windows
Computer keeps restarting before booting into Windows
Blue screen when the computer starts up

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Performance Issues

Your computer's just not behaving as you'd like

Updates have been installed and the computer's no longer working properly
Computer's running too slowly

Computer freezes for no apparent reason
Computer keeps shutting down or restarting
Can't get connected to the internet
Internet connection is too slow

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Malware & Virus Issues

Your computer may be infected with something harmful

Computer's running very slowly

You're getting lots of unexpected windows popping up
Your internet browser home page has changed
Computer has started talking to you and giving you warnings
Computer's behaving strangely in other ways

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Other Issues

You have an issue that isn't covered by any of the above

You're unable to send/receive emails

You need to recover files you've accidentally deleted
Printer won't print
Computer's making strange noises

You have no sound

Laptop keyboard isn't working properly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you repair desktop tower PC's?

Desktop tower computers are actually the most straightforward to repair as they are readily disassembled and any of the constituent parts can be replaced if required. These may include the hard drive/SSD, the power supply unit (PSU), the graphics card, the RAM (memory), the motherboard or the CPU, or even the case itself.

Do you repair laptops?

Unlike desktop computers, the constituent components of laptops may not be as readily accessible. For example, the power supply circuitry and the graphics are likely to be part of the system board. Nevertheless it’s normally possible to replace failed hard drives and RAM. In the case of a system board failure it may not be cost-effective to replace the board. Norm’s Computer Services offers all sorts of laptop repairs but does not replace damaged screens or carry out mechanical repairs such as broken hinges.

Do you repair All-in-One desktop computers?

All-in-One desktops are normally assembled in a similar fashion to laptops, with much of the functionality residing on the system board. As with laptops, Norm’s Computer Services offers all sorts of repairs for all-in-ones.

Do you repair Apple Mac computers?

Norm’s Computer Services offers repairs for all sorts of Mac’s, primarily iMac’s and MacBook’s. Mac repairs can be expensive due to the cost of the hardware but something like a hard drive replacement/upgrade is relatively straightforward and not that expensive.

Do you carry out laptop screen repairs?

Norm’s Computer Services does not carry out screen replacements, whether touchscreens or standard non-touch LCD’s.

Do you offer computer maintenance near me?

Norm’s Computer Services offers computer maintenance, health checks and tune-ups for all sorts of computers – desktop PC’s, laptops and Mac’s. I’m happy to come to you with no call-out fee in wide range of suburbs in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan City and the Redlands.

I need a PC technician near me. Can you help?

Norm’s Computer Services offers computer technician services for Windows desktop PC’s and laptops. I’m happy to come to you to assist you with whatever’s up with your PC.

Can I bring my computer to you for repair?

Norm’s Computer Services is a mobile computer repair service. As a result, I spend my time on the road travelling from one job to the next in various suburbs in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan City and the Redlands. Most jobs are carried out at the home or business premises of clients. If neither of these options is convenient to you, I can collect your computer from either your home or workplace and return it to you after it’s been repaired. In this case you won’t need to bring the computer to me as I’ll come to you.

How do your prices for Brisbane computer repairs compare to those of your competitors?

You’re welcome to peruse the websites of other local computer repair professionals to compare my pricing with theirs. If you do so, you will find the prices charged by Norm’s Computer Services to be highly competitive. It is possible to find cheaper prices, however those offering such prices are much less likely to be providing a professional computer repair service. It’s more likely that they are simply supplementing their regular income by offering a computer repair service on a part-time basis.


My computer is quite old and has various issues. Is it worth repairing or should I get a new one?

I’m a big fan of breathing new life into old computers but I guess it depends on how much you want to spend and whether you would actually prefer to have a new computer. In general it’s less expensive to repair an old computer as most issues are readily resolved using whatever replacement parts might be required. An exception to this rule would be the failure of a motherboard/system board in which case I would normally recommend the purchase of a new computer.

Is it worth getting a laptop repaired?

The answer to this question depends on the problem with the laptop. If it’s a software issue or an issue with a hard drive or RAM, then it’s normally a relatively low cost repair. However, if it’s an issue with the system board, I would normally suggest that it’s not worth repairing the laptop. It all depends on the value of the laptop and the cost of a replacement system board. It may also be difficult to acquire a replacement system board, particularly if it’s an older laptop. In cases like this I may suggest writing the laptop off and simply recovering your data and files.

How much does it cost to have a laptop repaired?

My pricing begins at $90 and this entitles you to 45 minutes of troubleshooting time. If the laptop has a straightforward software issue it may well be resolved within this time. If, on the other hand, it has a more complex software issue, this may require more intensive troubleshooting or even a reinstall of Windows. In these cases you may be looking at something in the region of $115-$165 for labour. As far as parts go, Solid State Drives (SSD’s) start at $49 for a 120 GB drive. Parts such as CPU fans and keyboards will typically cost $50-$100.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a computer?

In most cases it will be significantly cheaper to repair your computer than to replace it. Software issues are generally resolved within an hour, unless a reinstall is required. A reinstall of Windows or the macOS is the most radical method for resolving software issues but it is almost guaranteed to eliminate issues and usually requires 30-45 minutes. As far as replacement parts go, the only case where I would normally recommend replacement of the computer is if a new motherboard/system board is required.

Is it cheaper to replace a hard drive or buy a new computer?

I carry out frequent replacements of hard drives with Solid State Drives (SSD’s) and can thoroughly recommend such a repair/upgrade. The cost of SSD’s has come down significantly in recent years and I could have your computer up and running with a new SSD and a fresh installation of Windows for as little as $150 or so. This is a great way to breathe new life into an old computer and much less expensive than buying a new one.

Is it worth replacing a laptop hard drive?

I frequently carry out replacements of laptop hard drives with Solid State Drives (SSD’s) and can thoroughly recommend such a repair/upgrade. The cost of SSD’s has come down significantly in recent years and I could have your laptop up and running with a new SSD and a fresh installation of Windows for as little as $150 or so. This is a great way to breathe new life into an old laptop and much less expensive than buying a new one.