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computer upgrades brisbane

Computer Upgrades

Are you frustrated with your computer's performance and wondering if it's time for a new one? Do you realise that, with an appropriate upgrade, your computer could be running better than it's ever done before and for a much lower cost than that of buying a new computer?


I'm here to help you with computer upgrades for all sorts of computers. I'll assess your computer in its current state and recommend what you need, providing full details of the cost upfront.


Whether it's a hardware or software upgrade, I'll come to your home, office or workplace to work on your computer and take it to the next level.

Hardware & Software Upgrades

These are some of the upgrades you might consider for your computer

Add additional memory (RAM)

Replace your existing hard drive with a larger one

Replace your traditional SATA hard drive with a much faster SSD one

Add a graphics (video) card or replace your current one

Replace your computer's motherboard and/or CPU

Install a new Operating System

Upgrade to a newer version of any software you're using

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