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computer virus removal

Malware & Virus Removal

There are all sorts of viruses and other malware which can affect your computer in different ways. Some of the classic symptoms are listed below. ​These are just a few of the more common symptoms. Other types of malware may lurk underneath the surface causing issues of which you're not even aware.


Norm's Computer Services offers malware and virus removal in Brisbane for all sorts of computers. I'll save you lots of time and effort in getting rid of your viruses and any other malware by coming to your home, office or workplace. And I'll work quickly to get your computer back to normal again.


Depending on the severity of the issue, it may even be possible to carry out the virus removal by logging in to your computer remotely.

Symptoms of a Computer Virus or Other Malware

These are some of the clues that you may have a virus or other malware on your computer

Your computer's running very slowly

You're getting unexpected windows popping up
You can't get connected to the internet
Your computer has started talking to you and giving you warnings
Your computer's behaving strangely in other ways

Check out my in-depth blog post about Malware & Virus Removal.

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