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computer health checks

Computer Health Checks & Tune-Ups

Do you want to make sure your computer's running the best it can? Perhaps it's bloated with too much 'stuff', or you're concerned that it may have a virus or other malware.


Norm's Computer Services is just a call away and I'm available to perform a full health check and optimise your computer without necessarily even needing to come to your place. The service can be provided via a remote log-in to your computer and you're welcome to observe everything I do on-screen as I carry out the health check.


Alternatively I can come to your place which provides the opportunity to carry out a somewhat more thorough service and address any hardware issues if necessary. I aim to provide an efficient, friendly, personal service, and it's my goal to see your computer running the best it can again.

Computer Health Check

These are the steps involved in my typical computer health check

Check hard drive health

Clean up hard disk

Check for malware, viruses and other intrusions

Uninstall unnecessary software

Optimise computer startup

Check running processes and services

Clear internet browser caches

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