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2021: Full Steam Ahead

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

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Who knows what lies ahead in 2021?

Welcome to 2021. It’s a new year and who knows what lies ahead of us this year. 2020 was in many ways a year like no other and I'm sure many of us would like some sort of a return to normality in 2021. From a technology point of view things are likely to continue to advance rapidly this year. We’re going to start seeing more foldable devices, such as bendable laptops. We’ll see a new iMac from Apple. We’re going to see increased adoption of 5G technology and we’ll see tv’s becoming even smarter and an increase of smart home products. Check out for more on these developments.

It was my pleasure to support clients in a wide range of Brisbane suburbs in 2020 and I look forward to assisting lots more residential and business customers in 2021. Whatever happens this year, Norm’s Computer Services plans to continue offering computer repair and troubleshooting services, together with all sorts of other computer-related services, in a wide range of suburbs in Brisbane, the City of Ipswich, Logan City and the Redlands. I’ve started the year with a fresh new look for my website, following feedback from a couple of clients, and I hope you’ll find it both attractive and useful.

The year has begun with a typical mix of jobs this week, including the following.

· A MacBook with no WiFi. This was an older MacBook and the WiFi had just stopped working a day or two previous. I actually ended up writing a blog post describing the steps I took in troubleshooting this issue.

· Data recovery from a failed USB hard drive. Unfortunately the drive in question wasn’t accessible in either Windows or Linux and didn’t appear when I launched my data recovery software. In this case I had to refer the client to a data recovery specialist. Companies like these use specialised equipment in a dust-free environment and as a result the data recovery process is normally rather expensive.

· Procurement of a new Windows 10 computer for installation at a local automotive repair business.

· An attempt to resurrect an old Windows XP machine. You may have seen the screenshot I posted to my Facebook page. I’d worked on this particular computer last year as it had been freezing regularly. Following the time I spent servicing it it had acquired a new lease of life. However, the client contacted me again this week, reporting that it would no longer start up. The issue this time was with the hard drive and I ended up running chkdsk in an attempt to repair the drive.

· Upgrade of the hard drive in an older iMac to an SSD. I've done quite a few of these over the years and it's a great way to breathe new life into an older computer.

This particular list of jobs demonstrates something of the variety of issues addressed by Norm’s Computer Services. From Apple Mac’s to Windows computers, from the very old to the brand new, and from software to hardware issues, I’m here to help. I’ve also had my first look this week at the latest Mac operating system which is macOS 11, known as Big Sur.

Norm’s Computer Services offers a whole range of computer-related services. In fact, whatever problem you’re having, I’d encourage you to get in touch. Usually I come to you, with no call-out fee involved, although sometimes I resolve issues remotely. As a result I have a number of Brisbane customers I haven’t actually met face-to-face. Whatever the case, my goal is to leave you 100% satisfied with the service provided and with your issues fully resolved.

You can find out more about the other services I provide as you browse my site here. Lots of things fall under the category of computer repairs, ranging from startup issues, to performance issues, to malware and virus issues, and whatever else you might be able to think of. I love setting up new computers, and getting all your software installed for you so that your new computer does everything you want it to do. I've mentioned a hard drive to SSD upgrade earlier, but I also provide other computer upgrades which are often a cost-effective way in which to greatly enhance your computer's performance. I also offer malware and virus removal and computer health checks and I can assist with networking for your home or business.

You may be reading this as an existing customer, or you may have come across my website and my blog for the first time. Whatever the case I’d love you to like or follow Norm’s Computer Services on Facebook, and share this with your family and friends, especially if they are in the wider Brisbane area. There's no better recommendation than a personal one and I'd really appreciate it.

Looking forward to a great year ahead. Happy 2021!

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