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Remote Computer Repairs

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

computer repairs brisbane
Computer repairs by remote log-in

Did you know that lots of computer issues can be resolved remotely without the need to have a computer repair technician actually come to your place? This is done by using software which allows the technician to see your screen and use their own keyboard and mouse as if they were actually sitting in front of your computer.

The remote computer repair approach seems particularly appropriate at the moment with the social distancing that's happening as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. By using a remote repair service there's no need for someone to actually come into your home and that may be an attractive option for many people right now.

Unfortunately remote computer support has been given a bad name as a result of numerous scams which have happened in recent years and which continue to abound. In fact there have been so many fraudulent remote ‘computer repair’ providers on the internet that Google no longer allows any computer repair company to advertise on their Google Ads platform.

You may have encountered one of these scams in the form of a telephone call from someone purporting to be from Microsoft, Norton, Telstra, or another company, insisting that there is an urgent issue and that they require access to your computer in order to resolve it. Or you may have had a pop-up on your screen warning you that there was a serious issue with your computer and that you should call the number shown in order to have it resolved.

The goal of the scammers is to take control of your computer to inflict harm with the ultimate purpose of extorting money from you. Unfortunately this is all too common and I have encountered many clients who’ve fallen foul to these scams. The bottom line is that you should never allow someone to access your computer remotely unless you’re sure that it’s someone you can trust. A good rule of thumb is that if they’ve called you rather than you calling them, you should end the call before they can convince you that they need to get in to your computer.

When used correctly and legitimately, remote computer support is a powerful tool which means that issues can be resolved without the need for the technician to come to your place. This means no travel time for the technician, resulting in a lower cost for the client, particularly when the issue is resolved within a few minutes. I’ve had a number of occasions when it required less than a quarter of an hour to see an issue resolved. Sometimes all it requires is that one setting be changed somewhere, for example an email server name, a default application, or a driver update.

There are lots of different remote access software options. Perhaps best known is TeamViewer, which is in many ways the flagship of the industry. You may also have heard of GoToMyPC or LogMeIn or perhaps another application. The software used by Norm’s Computer Services is called AnyDesk and is an excellent solution both for you the client and for me the technician.

If you're running Microsoft Windows it requires just one click on the AnyDesk homepage to download the software, and another click to launch it. You are then presented with a screen showing the address from which your computer can be accessed and, after giving me that address, you would receive a request from me to access your computer.

Note that I can only access your computer should you accept my request and this software cannot be used to gain access to any computer at any time without the client's permission. Once you have granted access, you can decide what level of access you want to allow and, after the job is complete, you can if you wish remove the AnyDesk software from your computer. The software can run on a Windows or Linux PC, a Mac, or on a mobile device.

You may be wondering what sorts of issues can be addressed using remote access software. The short answer is basically almost any issue which doesn’t require opening up the computer to troubleshoot a hardware problem, or which requires a reinstall of your operating system. If your computer can boot into Windows (or macOS) then I can log in to investigate and troubleshoot.

Recently I’ve remotely upgraded a number of computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10. In fact just yesterday I carried out this upgrade on a Mac which was running Windows 7 using Bootcamp. I’ve also addressed email issues, carried out health checks and tune-ups, installed printers, removed viruses and malware, speeded up slow computers, and more.

Norm’s Computer Services has been servicing clients both on-site and remotely for a number of years now. Following relocation to Brisbane last year I continue to support quite a number of Sydney clients. Clem, from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, recently wrote,"Norm has previously fixed my computer issues when he was based in Sydney. He has just given my computer a health check and clean up using a tool called Any Desk. I was amazed looking at the screen and watching Norm working on the issues 900 kms away… I highly recommend Norm’s Computer Services to anyone in need of computer service.

Whether you’re in Brisbane or Sydney, or even somewhere else, don’t hesitate to get in touch should you wish to utilise the remote computer repair service provided by Norm’s Computer Services. You might even find that that niggling issue you’ve been living with for years can be sorted out within a few minutes of you making that call. Why wait any longer? Get in touch today.

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Brown Emma
Brown Emma

Remote computer repair is a convenient fnf go and effective method to fix technical problems without having to go directly to the computer location.

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