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Computer Services Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan & Redlands

Are you looking for computer support in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan or the Redlands? Norm's Computer Services offers you computer repair and troubleshooting services, and lots more, for all sorts of computers and various other electronic devices.

Whatever problems you're having with your computer, Norm's Computer Services is on hand to help you out. You won't even need to leave the comfort of your own home, office or workplace as I come to you, anywhere in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan City or the Redlands.


Norm’s Computer Services offers a wide range of computer services in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and the Redlands. You may well have arrived at this page after searching for something like ‘computer repairs brisbane’. Much of what I offer may be considered to be computer repairs but I provide support for almost anything related to computers. Whether you’re a home user or a small business, Norm’s Computer Services is here to help you out.  Scroll down to find out more about what I can do for you.

computer repair brisbane

Computer Repairs

Whatever's gone wrong with your computer, the good news is that there's always a solution. Even if it won't start up, it's rarely as dead as you might think it is. Startup problems, performance issues, viruses and malware, whatever it might be, I'm here to help.

computer setup

Computer Setup

Have you got a new computer for your home or business? I can help you with configuring your Mac, PC or laptop so that you have access to the internet, your emails are coming in, you've got all the right software, you’re printing successfully, and whatever else you might need.

computer upgrades

Computer Upgrades

Computer upgrades can work wonders. Your computer could actually end up running better than it's ever done before and for a much lower cost than buying a new one. Software upgrades typically give you improved functionality whilst hardware upgrades major on speed.

computer virus removal

Computer Virus Removal

Unfortunately computer viruses and malware are a fact of life. You may be affected by a virus if your computer’s running too slowly or behaving in other unusual ways. I can remove viruses and malware for you, and also secure your computer again following an intrusion.

computer health checks

Computer Health Checks

It’s a good idea to schedule a regular ‘check-up’ for your computer. As you surf the internet, receive emails, install applications and add other bits and pieces to your computer’s hard drive it can easily become cluttered and messy. I can help you with checking its health and cleaning it up.

computer networking

Computer Networking

Nowadays we have more and more devices which connect to the internet - computers, phones, tablets, iPads, smart tv's etc. I can assist you with installing and setting up your router and any additional bits and pieces you may need so that all your devices connect to the internet reliably.

business computer support

Business IT Support

Norm's Computer Services provides IT support for small businesses, whether you work from a business premises or from a home office. If you don't have a dedicated IT department and you need someone to resolve issues and provide ongoing computer support then I'm here to help. I know it's important to you that your business runs as smoothly as possible with minimum downtime of your computer systems. For this reason I aim to always provide prompt, efficient, professional service.

home computer support

Home Computer Support

Home computer support doesn't just mean assistance with your computer. Norm's Computer Services is here to help you with all sorts of issues, with your computer, your home network, your printer, and other devices like phones, tablets and smart TV's. If something's not working properly, or something's gone wrong, I'll be more than happy to track down the cause and put things right for you. I'll get you back up and running as quickly as I can.

Computer Repairs Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan & Redlands

desktop pc repairs brisbane

Desktop PC Repairs

I offer desktop PC repairs in Brisbane for all sorts of desktop computers. Whether you have a basic desktop tower, an all-in-one, or a high end gaming desktop, I'm here to help you with both hardware and software repairs. Software issues tend to be the same for all sorts of Windows computers, whilst hardware issues vary, depending on the configuration.

laptop repairs brisbane

Laptop Repairs

I offer laptop repairs in Brisbane, for all sorts of Windows laptop computers. Windows laptops range from inexpensive 11" models to 17" gaming laptops. Operating system and software issues can occur whatever the model. I also deal with various laptop hardware repairs, including hard drive, keyboard, system board and touchpad replacements.

apple mac repairs brisbane

Apple Mac Repairs

I'm an Apple-certified support professional and I offer Apple Mac repairs in Brisbane for the different types of Mac's out there. This means iMac repairs and MacBook repairs. Operating system issues are much less common in Mac's than in Windows PC's as the macOS tends to be more stable. Hardware issues such as hard drive failures can be encountered, just as with PC's.

computer repair testimonials

What People Say

"Norm is excellent at what he does! I wanted to rescue photos and data from my 2012 Mac laptop that had all but died and was so slowww. Norm gave me a couple of options and all reasonably priced. The bonus? Norm comes to you! I live a bit outside his usual region, and I am so grateful he was able to accommodate an appointment for me. Norm is friendly, polite, professional. The service is great. The outcome is great - my Macbook Pro now has a new hard drive, works as fast as the day I got it (almost a decade ago), and I've been able to save everything I wanted from it. Norm provides great local business service - the best I've seen - he is so good, I think he needs to clone himself so everyone can get top quality PC service!" - Danni T, Fitzgibbon

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whereabouts in Brisbane are you located?

Norm’s Computer Services is based on the south side of Brisbane and offers a mobile computer repair service on Brisbane’s south side and throughout Ipswich, Logan City and the Redlands.

I live on the south side of Brisbane. Do you carry out computer repairs near me?

Norm’s Computer Services is based on Brisbane’s south side and services all Brisbane’s southern suburbs with no call-out fee.

I live in Logan but work in Brisbane. Can you assist me with a computer repair?

Norm’s Computer Services provides a computer repair service on Brisbane’s south side, and throughout Ipswich,  Logan City and the Redlands. Depending on what is convenient for you, I can either carry out the repair at your home or at your workplace. Another option is that I collect your computer from you at your workplace.

Can you come to my home to repair my computer?

Yes absolutely! Norm’s Computer Services is a mobile computer repair service and the vast majority of repairs are carried out at the home or workplace of clients. Only occasionally would I take a computer away, and only in cases where significant additional time and effort is required.

Do you charge a call-out fee?

There is no call-out fee for any jobs, including those booked at less convenient times. The minimum charge is $90 and this covers the first 45 minutes. Many jobs are completed within this timeframe.

Can I bring my computer to you for repair?

Norm’s Computer Services is a mobile computer repair business. As a result, I spend my time on the road travelling from one job to the next. Most jobs are carried out at the home or business premises of clients. If neither of these options is convenient for you, I can collect your computer from either your home or workplace and return it to you after it’s been repaired. In this case you won’t need to bring the computer to me as I’ll come to you.

How do your prices for Brisbane computer repairs compare to those of your competitors?

You’re welcome to peruse the websites of other local computer repair professionals to check their pricing. If you do so, you will find the prices charged by Norm’s Computer Services to be highly competitive. It is possible to find cheaper prices, however those offering such prices are much less likely to be providing a professional computer repair service. It’s more likely that they are simply supplementing their regular income by offering a computer repair service on a part-time basis.

Are there any sorts of computer repairs which you don't perform?

Norm’s Computer Services carries out all sorts of repairs on desktop PC’s, laptops and Apple Mac’s. These include hardware and software repairs. The only repairs I don’t normally offer are anything to do with damaged screens on laptops, and what I would consider to be mechanical repairs. These would include such things as broken a hinge on a laptop, or physical damage to a laptop case/cover. I would also tend to avoid addressing issues caused by liquid damage to laptops.

Are computer repairs worth it?

We live in a throwaway society but, regardless of this, a computer repair is usually worth it. Even older computers can be repaired, as long as the parts are still available. After inspecting your computer to ascertain the remedy required, I would inform you as to whether I think a repair is cost-effective, or whether it would be better simply to recover your data and move on to a new machine. In some cases your computer will perform better after being repaired than it did when you first bought it. This is particularly the case if you have its traditional hard drive replaced with a Solid State Drive (SSD).


What happens if you’re unable to resolve my issue?
There will be no charge if there is no solution for your issue. However, in my experience it’s extremely rare to be unable to find a solution.

Do you offer other computer services in Brisbane as well as computer repairs?

Nom’s Computer Services is a computer repair and IT support business and offers a whole range of computer services in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and the Redlands. In addition to repairs of desktop PC’s, laptops and Mac’s, I offer setup of new computers, computer upgrades, virus removal and computer health checks and tune-ups. I can assist with almost anything you can think of related to computers and support both home-based users and small businesses.

Do you carry a supply of spare parts for repairs?

I carry a full range of the parts which are most likely to be required. These include Solid State Drives (SSD’s), RAM (memory), graphics cards and power supply units (PSU’s). As a result I’m likely to be able to resolve any hardware issue on the spot with replacement parts. Other parts, such as CPU fans and laptop keyboards would need to be ordered for the specific model of computer you have.

Do you provide a warranty for computer repairs?

If something goes wrong following completion of the job, or the job hasn't been completed satisfactorily, I will typically resolve any issues on a return visit for no charge. All replacement hardware is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and so I would replace/repair failed hardware at no cost to you.

I was recently hacked. Can you clean up and secure my computer?
I regularly assist clients whose computers have been hacked following a scam phone call or a rogue pop-up. In some cases people’s passwords and bank accounts have been compromised. As a result your bank may require you to demonstrate that your computer and other devices have been professionally cleaned up and secured for future use. This is something I can do for you. I can also assist you with regaining access to hacked email or social media accounts.

Can you provide a report for my insurance company certifying that my computer is beyond repair?
I'd be happy to inspect your damaged computer, assess the cost of repair and to provide a report recommending repair or replacement.


Can you install Windows 11 for me?
As long as your machine has compatible hardware, I can upgrade your Windows 10 computer to Windows 11.

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